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Seasonal work Includes the following:

Our services can be made to suit your budget and to cater to all need of customers whether you want us to take care of all your property needs or if you would like to do the work with us to keep your garden looking its best all year round J.W. Landscaping strives for a healthy and hardy garden and does not matter how neglected it has been over the years past, we are here and willing to get your garden back to looking brand new. 

Blooming flowers, nice green evergreens all around, waters gurgling from the fountains, neat beds, mowed lawn! The recently installed stone paths welcome you home and you can’t help wondering how long this beauty will last! It can last for a lifetime with the right treatment and yearly property maintenance. It’s not accidental that J.W. Landscaping has numerous and very experienced teams for the maintenance of your green corners and trimmed trees. In fact, landscaping maintenance is as important as landscaping itself. Trust our experience!

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  • Lawn Mowing 
  • Line trimming 
  • Hedge Trimming & Pruning
  • Flower Bed turning & De-weeding 
  • Sweeping and blowing of all paved surfaces.
  • Disease monitoring (trees, shrubs, lawn).
  • Insect infestation monitoring (trees, shrubs, lawns).

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