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  1. Meet with the Customer, In this step we come around to the customer’s house and find out what you want and what we can do to make that happen, this can sometimes take 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on job size and we love perfection and we want to make every part of your dream garden a reality.  
  2. Design and Plan, The Design is the most important part of a job as this helps the customer visualize how everything will look and it also help us to make sure we are on the same track as our customers. As our customers are the most important thing to J.W. Landscaping.
  3. Re-meet with customers, We meet back up with our customers to give them the plan of their new garden. At this time we go over the plan discussing the materials involved, any specific plant species we suggest and why as well as how to maintain the new garden area. We also give the customer the official quote and the date we can start.
  4. Start Job, Once we agree to pricing with the customer we start the job. We are happy to include our customers throughout the process by by telling them what we are currently doing and why we are doing it. We encourage questions and there is never a silly question.
  5.  Job finished, We take the customer on a tour of the new garden.  We answer any questions and give advice regarding the maintenance for looking after their new garden. We encourage our customers to call us or email if they should have any further questions and we will happily send them information about garden care. 

Landscaping a property is a very Important decision to make, whether you are looking to spruce things up or looking to raise your property value, J.W. Landscaping is here for you. To help you carry that burden we take on a lot of jobs over the summer season to build people their own paradise no job is to little or to big whether you just want a new flower bed or you want a complete make over we can do any kind of job by following our 5 steps to success.