We at JW Landscaping are happy to help you select a balance of perennial and annual flowers to spruce up your garden areas. Whether its filling up an existing flower bed or creating a new one we can work with you to achieve any landscape look you desire. With a solid foundation in both domestic and tropical plants we can design your landscaping to meet both your desired look and budget. Taking into consideration the surroundings, light conditions and existing plant life we can help you chose which flowers will thrive in any environment.  Once you have chosen which plant specimens you would like we can also help you finish off any garden with accents and aggregates to complete the look. Please speak to us regarding your individual needs.

Seasonal Urns

A beautiful accent to any entrance, walkway or patio are flower urns. We at JW Landscaping can design and plant your flower urns to match any theme you are looking for. Whether it’s a contemporary flower urn, a grand entrance or tropical themed flower pots around a swimming pool our knowledge and experience are at your disposal. We can also adapt urn designs with the changing seasons. Spring urns add an early burst of colour to any area while summer urns can be used to accent or as colourful center pieces to any landscape design. Fall urns highlight autumns brilliant oranges and reds and help focus attention away from other areas of your landscape which are traditionally ending their growth season and finally winter urns add an ornamental touch to any entrance area filled with texture and colour to break from the cold white weather. Please inquire about selections and prices depending on your area and size of your urns.

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