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J.W. Landscaping has an array of trusted contractors that we deal with on an ongoing basis to help provide all services you may need. Whether it is inground sprinklers, outdoor lighting, major and minor construction, fencing/decking or many other home projects we have the right contractors for you.

Pool & Hot tubs Opening, Closing and maintenance

Opening your Swimming pool

Opening your swimming pool for the summer can be a daunting task and most homeowners choose to leave it to professionals. J.W.Landscaping offers a number of pool opening packages so you can choose just the services you need without overpaying for the ones you don't.

After the cover is removed, we clean your pool by scrubbing the water line, vacuuming the pool and removing debris from the water as well as removing all winterizing equipment, such as foam rope and plugs.

When opening a pool, we reinstall all pool deck equipment, such as ladders or diving boards, reassemble and activate the filtration system (as well as inspecting it for leaks) and start all other equipment - pumps, heaters, etc.

Once the pool is open and filled with water, we skim the pool surface and optionally balance the water chemistry. 


Would you like to enjoy clean, clear and warm water in your swimming pool throughout the season and not worry about anything? Then our professional pool maintenance service is right for you!

During our complete pool maintenance visit our pool service staff will do the following:

·         Test and balance water chemistry

·         Skim pool surface

·         Vacuum pool/spa

·         Backwash your pool filter after vacuum

·         Remove scum line

·         Visual inspection of pump/filter/heater

·         Salt cell inspection and cleaning (if applicable)

·         Shock water with liquid chlorine; other chemicals are billed extra.


Closing your pool for the season the right way and at the right time is very important. Water expands when frozen and can cause damage to your pool and pool equipment. An improperly closed swimming pool can result in costly repairs.

Our Gold Pool Closing package is everything you need to make sure your swimming pool survives the winter undamaged and will be opened next spring without any unpleasant surprises. When our maintenance team arrives, we will do the following:

·                                                        Drain water level appropriately.

·                                                        Remove scum line

·                                                        Remove skimmer basket, circulation equipment eyeballs, etc.

·                                                        Blow out lines then foam rope installed in skimmer and winterizing antifreeze added into                                                                  pipes.

·                                                        Step ladders removed and bolts greased.

·                                                         Add needed closing chemicals (chemicals extra)

 Install winter cover & water bags.

Winterize pool pump, filter, heater

Place pool deck accessories in your desired location


J.W. Landscaping. provides our customers with professional design and installation for all your interlocking and paving contractor needs.

Interlocking & Retaining walls.

We will help you create a distinctive design element that will enhance your homes appeal, increase its value and offer a unique look that only J.W. Landscaping  can offer. We take pride in all our work and offer written guarantees as well as a guaranty on the structural integrity offered by the manufacturer. All our employees are experienced and well trained in installing and working together to provide a superior amount of quality, workmanship and costumer satisfaction.

                                                                   J.W. Landscaping. has installed countless driveways, walkways, retaining walls, steps and patios                                                                           of all shapes and sizes. Each job is customized and designed to suit every single site, we offer free                                                                       on-site consultations and estimates for every job.

Why Choose J.W. Landscaping. as your interlocking installer?

                                                                   J.W. Landscaping is a family owned and operated business, this means that at all times there is an                                                                      owner supervising the site. This helps ensure the quality and workmanship of all our projects                                                                    are bbeyond the customers’ expectations.

J.W. Landscaping  has always been about customers first. We have all the latest tools and equipment to accommodate any size job, we can offer products from any of the top industry suppliers and we start and finish each job on time and efficiently.

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